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Feb 24, 2013 9:00am PST
. is that the extent of the data? >> it depends on what has been put out about us on those web sites. sometimes if you look at the what the kids are doing with space books they are loading personal information on web sites. all that depends. we need to understand there are central repositories that he this information. >> let's talk about this i ntelius, do i have that correctly? does it examine every public record on a person for a fee whether it's local government or federal government or state government? >> it's one of many companies that their business is going to all those public records, which were created by taxpayers by the way, putting the information in their own private companies and -- computers and selling it. >> this is what i have that they'll deliver for you for $29.95 or if you want a full write up for $49.95. it will give you up to ten prior addresses and phone numbers for the individual, a maiden name, the age, the current name, the relatives, the roommates, the neighbors -- that's the beginning dossier. if you go further to the larger one you can examine thousands of private recor
Feb 10, 2013 9:00am PST
willing to wait until death do us part. we ask beverly hills divorce attorney mark bereden >> congratulations on this book "what were you thinking?" what does that mean? >> it is the question that all of your friends will ask to you after you have gone through a separation or divorce. what were you thinking? why did you marry whoever? >> what is the principle reason why people get divorced. >> they get mried. >>itho marriage there would be no divorce. >> without marriage there would be no divorce whatsoever. >> does that argue against marriage. >> it argues against immature marriage. i think marriage is a very sacred solemn vow that one takes and too many people take it too young and they do not take it seriously enough. >> gene simmons and shanon tweed have lived together for years. >> 21 years. >> you mention them in the book. >> i do. >> is it a salute to them? >> in a way it is. they have very unusual type of lifestyle. i don't think most people would be as toll rant with the activities of gene that shannon is. >> do they have children. >> two children. >> they are happ
Feb 17, 2013 9:00am PST
>>> the first u.s. woman president. from michelle in chile to angela in germany and ellen swearingn was held on the grounds of the capitol, which just a few years ago was a battle zone in presidents and heads of states? well, according to a new cbs poll, a phenomminally hig number of americans say the would vote for a qualified woman running for president. 92%. indeed, many believe the united states has alreadyge period of time have held presidential policy. so, is america now ready for u.s. president who say woman? >> we'll ask the author of the widely read and intriguing book, about the wives of american presidents, all of them titled rating the first lady's. john benjamin roberts th second. one-on-one is brought to you isy month. why don't we have a woman president in the unite states? why haven't we had one? >> i think the answer to that is simply that american women may not be ready for it. a majority of the voters ar fee may president we would probably have one. i'm being a little bit flip. the thuth is we are not a and women have not really focused on politics unti the last c
Feb 3, 2013 11:00am EST
. one sees a challenge for us to live our life righteously, handle our wealth in the way god wants us to, considering the different circumstanc in which we live. you know, had this economic -- what go -- do we want to call it, muslims taking away from their faith or back to their faith, i believe it has brought them back to their faith. this is why islam now is the most powerful religion in the middle east, in the arab world, and the most -- fastest religion in america as well. >> you mean that wealth and prosperity are not ultimately fulfilling, and this creates, in at a certain point, that what you're saying? and this is true with muslims true? >> well, islam -- islamic teaching is balanced between the economic and the wealth and the spiritual well-being. so both have to go hand in hand. and when people focus only on the economic advancements without the spirituality islam says that will take them eventually to their own direction. >> imam, you know that as this program proceeds we're going to be talking about what the koran says about jesus. >> yes, sir. >> and i think our audience is
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)